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Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Overlooking a pristine sandy beach and breathtaking Banderas Bay, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit peacefully coexists with its natural surroundings thanks to a seemingly endless number of environmentally responsible initiatives. From biodegradable cleaning products to solar water heating, recycling, meticulous beach cleanup, composting and donations to local organizations, the resort is an example of green hospitality at its finest.

Green Initiatives

  • Separation of Trash

    The resort has a meticulous waste separation strategy for organic and inorganic waste. Inorganic trash is separated according to type, including plastic, glass (separated by color for), cardboard and paper.
  • Food Donated to Local Farms

    Organic waste is kept in a special chamber set to a specific temperature, which allows us to preserve it for pickup and delivery to a local farm for animal consumption.

    We also store used cooking oil, which is then picked up by an external service that uses it to create biodegradable fuel.
  • Support for Local Recycling Programs

    The property contacts companies that are able to make use of recyclable materials discarded by the resort, to donate them and help in the preservation of the planet.
  • Composting

    The resort has an area set aside for composting certain organic waste; it is mixed with soil to create compost; a natural fertilizer used to nourish our gardens and lawns. Earthworms are also used to speed up the process.
  • Adoption of Public Green Areas

    The resort provides weekly maintenance to a center divider on the 200 Highway (Tepic-Puerto Vallarta). This approximately two-kilometer stretch contains grass and palms, which we landscape and care for in order to ensure visitors are greeted by a clean city.
  • Solar Panels to Heat Water

    The property has solar panels which take advantage of the area's warm climate to help pre-heat water; thanks to year-round sunny days, the water arrives hot to our tanks, saving about 45% of the gas normally used.

    The resort takes responsibility for keeping the beach area in optimal conditions for guests to enjoy. Staff clean the beach of all debris and litter on a daily basis. Squads of 30+ employees are organized on a monthly basis to provide a deep cleaning of the entire stretch of beach; from sweeping to digging and sifting the sand, leaving it completely fine and free of foreign objects.
  • Guest Participation Campaigns such as "The Hour of the Planet"

    Year after year, staff members and guests are invited to participate in worldwide campaigns such as "The Hour of the Planet", a day-long program that consists of turning off the most electricity possible for one hour (without affecting operation of the resort).

    Personalized letters and announcements inform guests of the initiative and encourage them to turn off the lights in their suite, and electricity-free activities are planned during this time. The campaign is normally carried out on March 28th of every year.
  • Internal Campaigns such as "Consume Less, Save More"

    This campaign encourages all members of staff to turn off their electronic devices while not in use, especially when they not in the office for a long period of time. Devices include lights, computers and air conditioning units. In the basement of the property, the resort has implemented an energy-saving system which disconnects various lights along the length of the hallways, while still keeping the areas lit sufficiently for operation.