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Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Overlooking a pristine sandy beach and breathtaking Banderas Bay, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit peacefully coexists with its natural surroundings thanks to a seemingly endless number of environmentally responsible initiatives. From biodegradable cleaning products to solar water heating, recycling, meticulous beach cleanup, composting and donations to local organizations, the resort is an example of green hospitality at its finest.

Green Initiatives

  • Nespresso capsules recycling

    All the Nespresso capsules that are used in the resort are collected in a special container and delivered to a Nespresso ambassador to separate and recycle their components: the aluminum to produce other materials and the coffee to make compost.
  • Garbage separation

    We separate organic garbage from the inorganic one; organic garbage is kept in a cold chamber with a specific temperature. This temperature allows food to be preserved until a supplier is able to take it to feed the farm animals.

    Inorganic garbage is separated in different kinds, can be plastic, glass (separated by color to enable its degradation), cardboard and paper. Likewise, we storage burned oil cooking that later is given to a supplier to be transformed into biodegradable fuel.
  • Support to local recycling programs

    We keep in touch with companies that use effectively the recyclable materials that the hotel discards, to contribute with the preservation of the planet. An example is the civil organization "Ángeles en Libertad", to whICH we donate soda lids to raise funds and support low income people with health issues.
  • Biodegradable chemicals

    We have adopted, in our operation, the use of biodegradable chemicals that guarantee the preservation of the planet and use less water.
  • Donated food to local farms

    All the food that is not consumed in the hotel, from the one that is not used to the one that is wasted, is donated to local farms, where it is used to feed farm animals.
  • Compost elaboration

    Inside the hotel, there is a garden area designed to place tree, flower and plant shreds; it is stocked and mixed with soil, forming in this way natural fertilizer that later is spread in the hotel gardens.
  • Green public areas

    The hotel is responsible for the weekly maintenance of the sidewalk on rode 200 (Tepic-Puerto Vallarta). This path is around 2 km of grass and palm trees, we are responsible for keeping the area in good conditions for visitors and locals.
  • Heating water systems - Solar panels

    We have solar cells that help us to pre-heat the water and take advantage of the regional weather; using the sun's energy the water gets to the tanks at a warm temperature, saving in this way 45% of gas consumption. This water keeps hot due to the heaters that work with gas.
  • Cleaning and conservation of beaches

    The hotel is responsible for keeping the beach area in excellent conditions so that guests can enjoy their vacation time. Partners walk the beach area daily; they pick any item that does not belong to the natural environment. In this way we can keep the clean beaches certification given by the IMNC and Blue Flag.

    Every three months we organize squads, around 30 people. The squad is in charged of cleaning deeply all the beach area around the hotel. They do activities like sweeping and cleaning the sand so it stays delicate and soft.
  • Campaigns with guests - "The Earth hour"

    Every year, we invite partners and guests to participate in worldwide campaigns, like "The Earth hour". This one-day program consists in turning off the most lights during an hour, (without affecting the hotel operation). Through personalized letters and advertisements, we invite guests to turn off the lights in their suit, if they are in it. Likewise, we plan activities where they can participate without using electrical power.

    We usually hold this campaign in May, following the worldwide campaign.
  • Internal campaigns - "Consume less, save more"

    In this campaign, partners are invited to turn off electrical devices that are not being used. This can be done whenever partners are not in their offices for a long time. Such as, light bulbs, computers and air conditioner.
  • We are a free-plastic-straw hotel

    Velas Resorts Hotels recently expressed to be a free-plastic-straw hotel so straws won't be available in our consumption centers. In case a guests needs a straw, we would provide a biodegradable straw made out of avocado seeds.
  • We help to preserve the Sea Turtle

    Because of our beach area is labelled as a sea turtles nesting area, our security team is trained to assist any situation related to the turtles, either births or nesting. We must follow protocols provided by "PROFEPA".
  • Support of the Huichol community

    The Hotel provides a sales area to native Huicholes so they can sell their merchandise. In this way we promote their culture and preserve cultural heritage.
  • We share the culture from the region

    the "Gran Kora massage" offered as a treatment in our SPA that stimulates the sensorial perception though the usage of natural items representing the harmony with the nature this massage helps to eliminate stress tension also using the "copal-tree" oil that restores the emotional and spiritual well been.
  • Handcraft workshops

    The SPA has a memory gift workshop that shows the handcraft skills representing the "Kora and Huichol Culture". The dream catcher and the "ojo de Dios" and "Ojo de Venado" as a one time experience are elaborated with the guests.

    the "ojo de Dios" and "Ojo de Venado" are use as gifts to our guests as a demonstration of our cultural skills
  • Cultural Heritage Wixarica

    Our SPA Therapists with the objective of preserving our regional Language, Huichol, use a greeting and farewell expression one that gives us identity due to the area we are located