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Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit harmoniously coexists with its surroundings thanks to a seemingly endless number of environmentally and socially responsible initiatives. From biodegradable cleaning products, solar water heating, recycling, meticulous beach cleanup, and composting to donations to local organizations and wellness programs for guests and staff members, these practices make us a great example of sustainable hospitality at its finest.


  • Beach ConservatioN

We help maintain our beach clean by organizing monthly brigades with teams of more than 30 employees to thoroughly clean, sweep, dig and sift the sand for extra cleaning. Our beach has been certified with the Blue Flag distinction. 

  • Waste separation

Designated containers are strategically located for recycling garbage around the properties. Additionally, we recycle burned cooking oils to a supplier for conversion to biodegradable fuel. 

  • Supporting Local Recycling Programs

Local companies are in charge of processing glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, and toxic material to handle their recycling, and proper disposal.

  • Organic Waste

Food waste in optimum conditions is donated to local farms.

  • Composting

Raw food waste is stored and mixed with soil to create a natural fertilizer for our gardens. To accelerate the process, we make use of composting worms.

  • Plastic Use Reduction

In all of our properties 100% biodegradable avocado seed straws are offered, as well as glass containers and jars for liquids, as an alternative to help reduce the use of plastic bottles. 1.6 million plastic straws are eliminated annually. 

  • Plastic Use Reduction

Measures are taken to protect sea turtles that lay their eggs on our beaches to allow for safe nesting.


We have created the Guardians of Wildlife program that seeks to protect the bees' hives and swarms to ensure the preservation of this species. Wooden boxes have been installed, which work as "temporary suites" for bees; these shelters  are conditioned with honey and pheromones to attract bees inside. These boxes serve as artificial hives that can be easily moved and relocated, a task we undertake along with apiaries such as AZPER Guardian of Life. At Velas Resorts we promote sustainable commerce and incorporate honey from local producers in our gastronomic offer and in Spa treatments.



  • Social Impact

    Velas Resorts is committed to generating jobs within the regions at which the resorts have presence. We maintain a 3:1 staff to guest ratio at Velas Resorts in comparison to maybe 1 employee for every 3-4 guests at other hotels and resorts. 
  • Our landscapes

    We have adopted stretches of road landscaping in our destinations that support the cities' maintenance for visitors and residents alike.
  • Our Staff

    The staff is periodically trained in environmental initiatives, to create a "green" awareness to be applied not only at the hotels, but also at home.


  • Creating Awareness

    Our kids and teens' facilities and programs are second to none and encourage the use of recyclable material with fun and ingenious crafts that give our youngest guests smart ideas of how to reuse and follow recycling tips at home.
    Among the activities that can be enjoyed at our hotels, guests can participate on ecological tours to learn more about the onsite flora and fauna.
    Insuite, guests have a turndown card that invites them to place it on the bed only when they wish their sheets and towels to be replaced. 
  • Sense of place

    We also pay major attention to exclusive experiences for guests off property that give back to the community. We offer experiences in everything from our food & beverage and spa to family bonding activities, romance and soft adventure that not only create extraordinary moments for guests but also support local partners. Wherever possible, these are inspired by Mexican history, culture and traditions, which impart a rich sense of place.